About Subcontractor Safety.com

Subcontractor Safety.com provides a full range of safety services and OSHA compliance tools designed specifically for subcontractors. Our industry leading safety training skills and experience have been recognized and utilized for many years by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) OSHA, CBIF and Building Industry Associations and construction companies across the United States.
We believe that the best, most effective and least costly way to accomplish your goals is to do so safely, without injury to workers or the public. Working safely is simply good business. Our proven services lead to lower insurance premiums, lower administration costs, lower injury/accident litigation costs and lower OSHA citation/violation activity and costs.
Subcontractor Safety.com products and services are customized for each client, and site whenever necessary. Products and services include:

• OSHA Certification training
• Onsite training
• First Aid and CPR Training
• Safety Inspection services
• Safety programs and manuals
• Safety Training kits complete with CD-ROM inserts
• Tailgate Talks

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