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Products and Services Products and Services are customized for each client and jobsite whenever necessary. Products and Services in both English and Spanish include:

Safety Programs

Illness and Injury Protection Programs (I&IPP) are a requirement for each subcontractor. It is not uncommon for General Contractors to request a safety program that is specific to the ongoing project. We can create the program for you, or just review your current I&IPP to help ensure that it is OSHA compliant.

Tailgate Talks
We maintain a database of more than 65 tailgate talks, all organized by trade and updated continuously. This expansive supply provides more than a year’s worth of tailgate training. You may access these for your own training purposes, or have one of our safety specialists drop by your site to provide training.

Safety Training Kits
Complete with CD-ROM inserts and detailed manuals, our training kits are an extremely useful tool at any jobsite or subcontractor office. Training topics are divided into easily referenced categories and color coded for quick access to information.

Safety Inspection Services
Regularly scheduled inspections are a key factor in maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety on the jobsite. Each inspection ends with a detailed report reviewed with the site foreman. Reports are stored and available whenever you may need to prove your commitment to safety and compliance to OSHA standards and regulations.

Analysis of Existing OSHA Compliance Arrangements
We will review all materials and programs making up your safety program. Our analysis will reveal any areas that may fall short of OSHA compliance, and provide the necessary information to help bridge that gap.

Compliance with Legislation
OSHA is a large government department that continues to grow each year. You have enough to consider without trying becoming an expert on labor law as well. Keeping up with new laws, regulations and penalties can be an exhausting full-time pursuit. It is our job to be your champion in this area. We keep our clients’ programs and training current with the constantly changing OSHA regulatory landscape.

Emergency Response Plans

Every California business must have a complete Emergency Response and Preparedness Plan, as outlined in the General Industry Safety Order (GISO) from the California Code of Regulations (CCR). Our plan includes preparation for natural disasters, terrorist attacks and all number of other work interruptions from power outages to flooding.

Quarantine Procedures

Protect infected or exposed workers, as well as those around them. Each employee needs awareness and procedural training with regard to possible quarantine situations.

Mobile Equipment & Control
Proper training in this area is a simple way to prevent accidents causing severe injury or death. Training is for operators and the employees who work alongside mobile equipment. Each piece of equipment requires scheduled and documented inspection of all parts and controls.

Drugs & Alcohol Control

Like any other aspect of the worksite, you need to have documented proof that you do not tolerate the use of drugs and alcohol by your employees. This involves the use of a training and awareness program, posted notification of your policies, and ongoing inspection of worksites. We provide a complete program to help you diminish this dangerous liability.

The lack of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) is one of the most often cited CAL/OSHA violations. Every workplace is required to have a complete and immediately accessible MSDS kit as a part of its Hazardous Communication Program. Our MSDS solution includes training, employee awareness tools, manuals and online support.

Accident Reporting & Investigation

Our clients depend on our complete reporting and investigation services in the unfortunate event of a workplace accident. Your documented safety program and accident report will make the process much easier and reduce liability considerably.

Every worker on the jobsite must use Personal Protective Equipment. Different trades require specific equipment for each job. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide PPE awareness training to each of its employees. PPE training is an important piece of every safety program created by

Onsite Training
Every aspect of your health and Safety training program is available onsite for your convenience. We will send one of our experienced Safety Specialists to your worksite(s) to deliver training as required. Training is done through multi-media presentations, and customized to suit your needs and your schedule.

First Aid & CPR Training
Every worksite should have at least one “Competent Person”, defined by OSHA as an individual with certified training in the health & safety aspects of the job at hand. Competent persons with First Aid & CPR training are required to minimize health risks from sustained injuries, and often, to save lives of heart attack, heatstroke and electrocution victims. provides complete training and certification classes in these areas.

OSHA Certification Training
Every worksite should have at least one “Competent Person”, defined by OSHA as an individual with certified training in the health & safety aspects of the job at hand. OSHA certification classes are available for the OSHA 10 hour and OSHA 30 hour health & safety training programs. Employing certified experts in this area will reduce liability, increase job quality and decrease the likelihood of accidents in the workplace.

Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Services
General Contractors are becoming increasingly strict about subcontractor safety. The largest builders are requiring that each subcontractor show proof of a comprehensive I&IPP, ongoing inspections and a general record of concern for quality and safety in the workplace. We can review your current program and help you fill in any gaps to ensure you meet the standards demanded by the most successful builders. This important service will decrease your liability, and ensure your continued competitive advantage when bidding for contracts.